Is buying a house really that difficult?

Published on 28 june 2022

A reasonable question. But before you dive into the project called »Buying a house,« you should get a few answers and determine what you want? What kind of house do you need? Is it a family home or is it your personal sanctum? With a big garden or just a small piece of land for your flowers? These are all the questions that you will need to answer either to yourself or your real-estate agent in order to get your dream home. But let's start at the beginning.

Family home or your paradise?

If you are buying a house for your family, you will need a lot of space. One or two bedrooms for kids, a separate bathroom, a playroom and don't forget a room just for the toys and other baby stuff like strollers, car seats, etc. To wrap up, you will need a tone of space so you must look for a big house.

On the other hand, your personal paradise is entirely different. You don't need two bathrooms and several kids rooms. What you do need is a big living room where you will host gatherings for your friends. And of course, a big TV and a bar will make everything perfect.


Are you a gardener or you need a few spices?


An important question, especially for your wallet. Big gardens tend to cost much more than just a few acres, So plan ahead. Will you have your garden, where you will grow all natural ingredients for your meals, or do you need just a few billets for your spices?

And one other thing, spacious gardens need a lot of work. You have to take care of them by mowing the lawn, cutting your trees and all sorts of other things. So if you aren't prepared to do this, then it is better to get yourself a house without a garden or you will soon live in the jungle of grass and leaves.



Is buying a house really what you need?


Many of us dream about our own house with a yard and a Sunday BBQs. These are all beautiful things but do we need a house for this. Sure if you have a family then, you need a good home, but many people are living in a house by themselves. And then complain about the bills and other expenses.

Buying a house is not a simple investment. You need to have good financial health and solid job to support it. So don't have one so that you can have one. Rather buy an apartment or even better, rent a house. That way you will get to know every aspect of having a home without spending a ton of money.

To conclude. Buying a house must be a rational decision. Before the purchase, you must consider every angle and aspect of it. And when you are 100% sure that the house is what you need, only then you proceed. That way you won't be sorry, and you will get your dream home.