ECO corner

Nature never did betray the heart that loves her

We are aware of the essential, that healthy living and being conscious about saving the nature is a must for a sustainable development of world society. There are unwritten rules, better told laws of nature which could be taken into account by every individual and resulted by community welfare.

For that reason, Diplomatic Corporate Services invite you, to meet ecological products, services and resources available in Slovenia.

If you are looking for food with natural origin, we prepare a list of ECO food providers in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Additionally you can take a look on a wide range of Ljubljana ECO cosmetics offer and other precoius Ljubljana ECO shops. Whether you are busy person with limited time, take an advantage of Slovenia ECO online shopping.

Decision of spending your valued leisure in nature, always is a good decision. Slovenia tourist capacities enabling you to enjoy your vacation in Slovenia ECO hotels or devoting to the nature in Slovenia ECO camping.
All the topics and services, referring to your home and housing, you can find among wide range of Slovenia ECO house.
Because of the fact, that travelling around by personal car or public transportation might also be environmentally friendly, we pepare a list of ECO transport Ljubljana, Slovenia.