Gregorčičeva ulica 39, 2000 Maribor

GRAWE INSURANCE, MARIBOR, SLOVENIA; The core competencies of GRAWE include the business insurance, financial services and real estate.

"In the harmony of many lies the strength, which results in good. It is the task of every one to contribute to it."
Archduke Johann, 1846

Archduke Johann realised that people had to unite to be strong and established Grazer Wechselseitige in 1828 as a mutual insurance company to protect against fire damage. After nearly 200 years of activity, the founder's original idea of mutual responsibility is as relevant today as ever: the only way to establish economic security is by taking the right precautions in good time.

As an independent Austrian group of companies since 1828, we continue to build on our factors of success:

-Insurance and financial services on a sound economic basis in Austria, Central Europe, the European single  market and as a reinsurer throughout the world
-Security through autonomy and independence
-Activities focused on private customers, farmers, SMEs and the self-employed
-Premiums commensurate with risk, customeroriented care and rapid rendering of service
-Mutual respect, openness and trust as well as social security
-Strength through competition


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