Vošnjakova ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana

VZAJEMNA HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY, LJUBLJANA; Vzajemna is the first and the largest voluntary health insurance company in Slovenia. It was established on November 1, 1999 as a result of legal requirements for separating Voluntary Health Insurance and Compulsory Health Insurance. Today, Vzajemna already has over a million subscribers, and annual premium income of approximately EUR 233 million. The name Vzajemna (i. e. mutuality) drives from its basic operating principle, mutuality, which represents the oldest principle and form of organization in the insurance marketplace. Based on the principles of mutuality and long-term health security, Vzajemna facilitates timely and high-quality healthcare services for its subscriber members.

The main objective of Vzajemna is to look after the interests of its subscribers who are also its members, and to provide them with long-term and stable personal healthcare security. Vzajemna is a mutual insurance company, and therefore financial profit is not its main business or organizational goal. The total surplus accumulated by Vzajemna is intended for the benefit of its subscribers in the form of periodic bonus distributions, and for creating reserve funds to ensure Vzajemna's stable business operations and solvency on a long-term basis.

Types of Insurance

Voluntary Helath Insurance Scheme by Vzajemna:
• Complementary Health Insurance (coverage of co-payments) VzajemnaZdravje;
• Supplementary Health Insurance Schemes (A) and (B) VzajemnaZdravje+;
• Medical Assistance Abroad Vzajemna Tujina;
• Substitute Insurance (integration into compulsory health insurance scheme for foreigners).